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Astro Dice, 3 Card Spread, Astro Quick Question, and the Big Three Breakdown all have discounts available for social media responses.

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For a limited time all written offerings come with a FREE Star Codes Astro Oracle reading!*

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손님은 점성학 주사위, 3개 카드 스프레드, 빅 쓰리 (태양, 달, 라이징 별자리 설명),점성술에 관한 질문 등을 주문하시면 한국어로 가능합니다. 하지만 제가 아직 한국어를 공부 하는 중이기 때문에 50%를 할인해 드립니다.

한국어로 대답을 원하시면 이메일로 부탁 드립니다.

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Customer Reviews

Amazingly thorough and very considerate reader! They took their time with their interaction with me and made sure I had time to process everything and even checked if I understood everything before moving along. Outstanding service, I can’t wait to order another reading in the near future!


I had never had astro readings, and HD was my first one! They’re very attentive and professional, and explain everything perfectly so you can understand. Definitely worth it.


I’ve had a few sessions with HD. They’re patient, straight forward, and always made me feel at ease by giving the best professional advice. Highly recommended if you’re looking for genuine and exceptional services!


Incredible, they always give me the best advice, are very real with me, & don’t sugarcoat things. I can tell they only have the best intentions & my stability in mind, & I trust them to help guide me. I highly recommend going to them!

Lu L.

It was an 1h long birth chart read + transits n some future reads related go relationships. Overall it was very nice and HD explained everything clear so that for someone who lacks of more specific knoledge and has english as a 2nd language it was easy to follow.


HD Astrology has an in-depth but open approach to astrology, seeking to bring people into the fold rather than just dispensing observations. Having a reading from HD means that you will learn more about astrology and, thus, yourself. Their ability to pinpoint areas in a natal chart or transits that are relevant to the querent and their question(s) is reassuring; I know that I can really ask about anything in my life and, somehow, HD will find significance or meaning through the stars that is not only reassuring or relevant, but also growth-oriented. Having a reading with HD gives me a better sense of agency over my life and future. 

Queer Tarot Visions, Korbin J.

HD was instrumental in the success of my first astrology workshop, Queering Synastry. They utilized their teaching expertise and advanced astrological knowledge to expertly fine-tune my presentation, and I am extremely pleased with their services and assistance. HD assisted me on both my curriculum and my presentation, with insightful feedback and support on slide content and teaching methods. They also lent a compassionate ear to all the stress and worry that comes with teaching for the first time, for which I am incredibly grateful. I will definitely be returning for their services on future courses and workshops, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to teach or present on astrology!

Rowan Oliver