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Stelliums in Astrology | Astrology Basics

Photo of the Earth's horizon from space. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets can be seen clustered together in the background

What is a stellium? A stellium in astrology is when you have three or more planets in a sign. What qualifies towards a stellium is different from person to person. For some, angles, especially the Asc or MC can count; others may include the Nodes; and for asteroid astrologers— they count, too! But in contrast, […]

The First House in Astrology | Astrology Basics

The sun is rising over the horizon, a visual of the first house in astrology. Off white text reads "the first house feat. aniah of illuminiah." A line art stylized face with plants in the hair and a paint stroke styled mercury glyph is on the right side of the image.

The moment we are born and take our first breath, the degree which is marked on the horizon is said to symbolize this point when our soul enters our body. This is the way of thinking across many astrological traditions. This is the Ascendant, or, the first house in astrology. Astronomically, this degree is where […]

Intro: Houses in Astrology | Astrology Basics

Upper right quadrant of an astrological chart. It shows the 6th through 9th houses in astrology. The Moon and Fortune are in Taurus in the 8th. Lilith is in Aries in the 7th.

What are the houses? In astrology, we often say “as above, so below.” When we refer to this, we mean that there is a reflection happening between the stars and life here on Earth. But if the Zodiac are the fixed stars and the planets are the planets, then what represents Earth? That’s the houses […]