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5. The Hierophant

About Unfortunate

When a thief named Pan attempts to steal from the king of Commons, what should have been a simple job turns into an encounter with magic. Determined to change their own life, Pan charges headfirst into a world of gods and magic when they become the apprentice to the God-King of Commons, Mes.

Illustrated over the course of five months, Unfortunate is a fantasy series set to the themes of the Major Arcana of the tarot. With magic inspired by ancient astrology, this 22 chapter series is a retelling of the Fool’s Journey as Pan finds themself instrumental in a war between gods. Originally posted on the platforms Tik Tok and Instagram under the accounts for HD Astrology, you can now read the full series here!

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Content Warnings:

Hunger, death, war, topics of fate and predetermination

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